All finished!!! I spent naptime today finishing up my two projects. These are just rough pics from my camera phone, I’ll take some real ones when I get home (and before I pack these gifts up and give them away).
The first pic is a pair of shorties made with Lion Brand Cupcake yarn in ‘Pink Lemonade’ and trimmed in Red HeartClassic yarn in ‘Coffee’. They’re pretty simple, made in mostly half-double crochet, with a double crochet waistband and scalloped leg-trim. I’m thinking of applique-ing (is that a word?) a flower to one leg. The shorties are a California Cloth size medium (16″ waist, 17″ rise, 4″ inseam) and were made for a non-cloth diapered baby.
The next project is a skirty with a soaker made of the same Red Heart yarn in ‘Coffee’ as before. This is unfinished only because the bow at the waistband is for decorative purposes only. Once I get them home I’ll add elastic to the waistband and close it up. The skirt and trim are all made with super soft and flowy Lion Brand Baby Soft yarn in ‘Pastel Pink’. They’re also made in a simple, half-double crochet, with a single crochet waistband and leg trim. My favorite part is the name embroidered on the bum of the skirt. This skirty is also a California Cloth size medium and was made for the same, non-cloth diapered baby.

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