A New Week

It’s Monday again. Spring Break is over, the kids are back in school, and Easter (possibly the BEST one EVER) has come and gone. Not too much going on the crochet front this week, but I would like to get started on finding some ideas for a couple more birthday presents this summer. I need a dress and a halter/capri set in toddler sizes. So if anyone knows of any cute patterns, throw them my way!!!

I finished all that yarn I dyed last week. It’s all dry and wrapped into delicious-looking hanks. I have one last skein drying in the bathroom that shoud be ready to go by the end of the week. I spent a very large chunk of this afternoon reskeining yarn. I have GOT to get a second swift – My arms are killing me and I think my kitchen chairs are going to go on strike one of these days.
From left to right (top to bottom): Sky/Beach Boy, Mint/AKAdemics, Sage/Forest Floor,
Orange/Swim Lessons, Lime/80’s Cartoon, and Superstar

My projects this week:
~A skinny scarf/belt,
~Dye a skein of yarn in a yet to be thought of colorway,
~A practice reversible pinafore dress


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