Photo Finish

I never did get to post the ‘real’ pictures of the items that I finished while I was on Spring Break for the birthday party. So here they are! In case you think the shirts look familiar, I got them from Babies R Us – they were the inspiration for the crocheted items.
Top – Shorties set; Bottom – Skirty set
And the bum of the skirty…
And from THIS weekend…
A pair of Swiffer pads. Making these is going to make me want to get a Swiffer of my own (these are for my mom) – I think the mop and bucket routine is getting old…They were made from THIS pattern using Sugar & Cream 100% cotton yarn.
Top – Back of pads; Bottom – Front of pads
And the skinny scarf/belt, that turned out a little too long for me. I could probably wear it as a scarf, but as a belt on my 5’1″ frame with short legs, the 70″ length is much too long, but too short for me wrap it around my waist one more time. It was made using THIS pattern and only one 2.5oz ball of Sugar & Cream yarn. I’ll be sure to make the next one shorter.

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