Cutest Pattern EVER!!!

Ok, raise your hand if you think THESE are some of the cutest slippers ever crocheted!!! I may need to add them to my ‘Christmas Gifts’ list.

So here’s the hat that I made for myself that I’m not keeping. I used THIS pattern and Red Heart Super Saver yarn in ‘Heather Gray’.

I have kind of a small head and this fits okay over my locs, but I don’t like the front. This is usually my problem with hats – my forehead is too small to make it fit right in the front. Then there’s he little problem of making sure the fit doesn’t interfere with my glasses, causing a slow, dull headache throughout the day.
My next hat trial will be something without a brim…I’m halfway through THIS right now in sky blue Patons wool. Nice hat, but I’m not happy with my color choice at all.
I know I usually feature my crochet stuff here. The reason for that is beacause I don’t do much else! Crochet is fast and very calming to me. And I’ve become addicted to it lately – I’m sure the other students in the library at my school think I’m weird for sitting there with my hook and a ball of yarn. But I can do more than just crochet…I own a sewing machine!
I was commissioned by my mother to make this set for a friend of hers that just had a baby. I just hope its right for a New York summer! The reversible top/ dress was made using the all-too-awesome Olivia pattern, the cloth shoes are courtesy of Joanna at Startdust Shoes, the diaper cover was a personal creation, and the bib is thanks to Juliette of ChickPeaStudio.
I am almost done with this. I have fabric enough left over to embellish a prefold or two, and create a couple of cool pacifier clips and possibly a headband. I also have a whole other set of pink Amy Butler fabrics to make another set – this is going to be one cool, coordinated baby!
I’m also starting my project list for May. I’d really love to make THIS vest, but I can’t find the pattern anywhere. If you have it, or know where I can get it, let me know!!! Also on my list for next month (as of today):
  • cotton market bag – or a dozen…I know the plastic grocery bags need to go
  • Turkish Origami socks – because I can’t decipher other sock patterns
  • sweater for my son this fall – never too early to start!

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