Back From Vacation

Ok, so it wasn’t really a vacation. I was working my butt off, trying to prepare for the Grand opening of Simply Serendipity, while trying to keep my head above water in school. But all of that is behind me now! I’ve passed my classes, summer is here, and the grand opening was awesome! Thanks to all who visited and purchased, you’re the best! Our next stocking is coming up this Friday, June 12th at 1pm EST – Don’t forget!

I’ve got still more things in store for California Cloth this summer. Seeing as how I’m only taking an online class this summer and will be home with my 3.5yo until September, I’d really like to find the time to branch out. I like to sew, but crochet is just so much FUN – and, um…portable! I’m really working on sharpening my skills and expanding my product line, to offer a wide range of products for kids AND adults. So stay tuned!

I’ve been working away at some recent projects and think I have just about mastered color matching of fabrics!
Check out this awesome ‘Grass Giraffes’ yarn that I created this weekend! I love this print.
On a sewing note, I’ve once again been commissioned into making baby clothes! I’ve got the greatest set of Amy Butler and Alexander Henry fabrics just waiting to be cut into. I’m telling you people, this woman is the BEST! Thanks Mom!

Side note: Have I ever mentioned how much I love exclamation points?!

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