Ok, so tell me this isn’t the most awesome fabric EVER! Go on, I dare you! And considering this print was discontinued 3-4years ago and hasn’t been made since, it cost me a pretty penny to get ahold of the tiny piece I have in my hot little hands. So much that I hate to cut it up, lol! But find out next month what comes of it!

Remember that Grass Giraffes yarn that I dyed a few weeks back? This is what became of it. The set is a size 18mths and there’s an elastic waistband in the longies. The shirt was a regular toddler shirt from Target that I heavily modified – it seems long sleeves just aren’t in right now. I even took the time to rip off the pocket and add my own. The soft soled shoes have faux suede bottoms and flannel inners and are squishy soft with a layer of cotton batting giving a ‘slipper’ type feel. I really doubt the 7mth old they were made for is going to know the difference, but it’s nice to have it, right?

Up next? More longies, more yarn, and turning that cool pink and grey fabric is to something equally girly and awesome!


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