Fade to Black

Looks like spaghetti, huh??? Trust me, it’s not!!! That would be 10.5oz of 3-ply, Blackberry Ridge Merino wool on my stove. This is what happens when you need a nice, rich black.
Black, in my opinion, is NOT the easiest color in the world to achieve. It takes more than the normal amount of dye, and some careful watching. I usuallyhandpaint my yarns so that I can control where the colors go. But the amount of dye needed to make a nice, rich, EVEN black doesn’t allow for that. So into the pot it goes! Dump in the dye, add yarn, turn up the heat. I start paying real attention when I start to see that it’s about ready to boil. Then I turn off the fire and let it sit until the water turns clear.

If I’m lucky, then I’ve used enough dye and when I rinse I’ll get clear water and a rich black. If I’m NOT lucky, then I rinse and get grey water and dark brown yarn – which requires a second round of dye.

I’ve got other colors to add to this yarn, but they will get handpainted on later. Come back in a few days to see what this turns in to!!!


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