Just Call Me Butter…

…cause I’m on a roll!!! LMBO!!! That’s beyond corny. But I had to say it. I really think half the fun in blogging is coming up with a great post title!

But really, I’m on a roll! Yesterday after I spent the morning boo hoo-ing over the excellent (and fabulously respectful) service for Michael Jackson, I sat down and was able to pull this shirt/shoe combo together during the remainder of my mourning period.
It’s a plain, 18mth tee from Target. It used to be a short sleeve onesie, but those are often a no-no in the cloth diaper world, so I cut off the bottom and hemmed some Retro Owls fabric onto it. Then I added my own sleeves. The matching soft-soled shoes are the ultimate in plush, with faux suede, no-slip bottoms and fluffy fleece inside.
Too ‘springy’ for fall??? The picture makes it seem so, but the colors aren’t as bright as they look. I’, turning this into a special pair of longies and a tee as a custom for a very patient mama. I’m just about done with the waistband and moving on to the body – Let the fun begin! I have yet to name this new colorway…any suggestions???

Remember that black yarn I had cooking away on my stove a few days back? Here’s what it turned into! 2oz of solid black trim and 6oz of ‘Spicy Tuna Roll’ on Blue-faced Leicester. It shipped out today and I was sorry to see it go – I don’t often get to work with the softer yarns, and re-skeining this made my hands happy.


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