Sneak Peek

Those darn monsters just keep coming back!!!!

newborn/small fitted shown next to an 8oz water bottle
I’m slowly revamping my fitted pattern (For those unfamiliar to the cloth diaper world, fitteds are shaped pretty much like your basic disposable diaper, but they need a cover to make them waterproof). I’ve managed to successfully create only two sizes of diaper – newborn/small, and a semi one-size. I like to call it a semi one-size because I know one-size diapers don’t fit tiny babies very well. The Ooga diaper in the above picture is the newborn/small size, which I’m guesstimating should fit up to 15lbs or so, as long as the thighs aren’t too chunky.
For the newest line of CCFitteds, I’ll be using all organic bamboo velour inners, with knit prints on the outside – yum, can you say ‘soft’?! There will be no Velcro, no snaps, no ties, no duct tape…keeping these puppies secure is all up to you – I suggest a Snappi or pins. There is also a lay-in soaker in the works, for extra absorbancy.
Look for the Oogas again next Wednesday, August 12th at the next King Kongo stocking!

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