I *HEART* My Kindle

My Kindle is the single-most awesome piece of electronic equipment that I have ever owned. I can read three books at once, without making the tough decision on which book I take with me out of the house – only to realize later that I’m in the mood for something else.

My new Kindle 2 replaces my old Kindle 1, which conked out on me after I let the battery die one week. It never came back to life. The new Kindle 2 is so much more user friendly, and FASTER! So awesome!

And….it is prettier than yours! The ‘Apocalpse Violet’ skin is from DecalGirl – which I’m thinking about matching my laptop to. The case is a ‘Pebbled Purple’M-Edge GO! Jacket. Good thing both of these little products aren’t cheap, and the skin isn’t reusable, because I’d have a rainbow of colors and styles laying around….it would probably turn into something uncontrollable, like my yarn stash…


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