I have never been one for fantasy or sci-fi. Harry Potter is the most I’ve ever gotten into. I swore I wouldn’t get into the vampire-craze that the Twilight series has created. There are now vampire shows and movies everywhere….seriously, did Interview with a Vampire have this kind of effect on television? I’m pretty sure it didn’t.

So Twilight was released in September of 2006. The 4th and final book, Breaking Dawn, was released in August of 2008. Here it is April of 2010 and I am finally finishing out the series after starting about a month or so ago. So what made me start reading – you ask? Why, my Kindle, of course! My Kindle is linked to my mom’s Amazon account. So when I got the new unit and was flipping through the archives to pick out all my old reads, I came across the series. I said, “what the hey” and downloaded them.

I. Am. Hooked.

Now, as far as the movies…those will have to be a no-go. Like I said, I enjoyed Harry Potter. However, the books were quite long and very detailed. The movies lost A LOT of that. And really, there’s no way you could squeeze all of the magic in a Harry Potter book in one movie. They would each be 5hrs long! So, for that reason I refuse to let Hollywood ruin the images, scenes, or characters that I’ve already built up in my head.

Oh, and the picture above? Bella & Edward dolls I found at Toys R Us. I couldn’t help but laugh my butt off!


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