Dear Opinionated People

My son doesn’t need a haircut. He is growing his hair out. He has told you this before. So stop asking him when he’s getting a haircut. Stop offering to take him for a haircut. Stop running your fingers through his little afro, which actually WAS neat until you did that. Stop telling him his hair needs to be ‘fixed’.

The hair growing out of my son’s head is the hair God gave him. And at nearly 6yo it is now his decision what happens with it. If you feel that his NATURAL hair is too messy, feel free to ASK HIM if you have his permission to braid it or have someone do it for him, but don’t ask ME when I’m going to “have something done to it”. I make sure it is neat when we walk out the door and I twist it at his request.

If he were a girl would you be telling her she needed a haircut? How about a perm…? My kid likes his hair and I’d like it to keep it that way, please keep your snark to yourself.

That is all….


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