Respect The Hawk!

Not really sure when the mohawk came into style for Black people, but believe it ain’t going anywhere any time soon! Maybe it started when P.Diddy (Puffy? Puff Daddy? Diddy Dirty Money? What’s his name these days, anyway?) ran that marathon and started wearing a mohawk during training. Since then they seem to be everywhere.
Z even had one for awhile. He loved it! Hard to maintain on a boy, though. You have to have a good barber to shape it right. I have been trying to pull my hair into a mohawk for a few weeks now. Yeah, I said it! I’ve been quite unsuccessful, too. It didn’t look right with my locs straight, it didn’t look right with the wavy locs. So as I was about to throw in the towel on ever having a mohawk, I came across this video on YouTube for curling locs with pipe cleaners.
Wow, who knew, right?! You know I was at Michaels the very next day looking for black pipe cleaners. Through the magic of internet linking, that video then led me straight into THIS post by Brittany over at Loc Rocker. So today, after much trial and error, 60 black pipe cleaners, three rubberbands, and 6 bobby pins, I think I’ve got it!

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