The Evolution

When I was pregnant, I wasn’t the type of person who daydreamed about what my baby would look like. I didn’t think about bronze skin, big brown eyes, a flat little nose, and tight little curls. So imagine my shock when I gave birth to a tiny little white baby, with straight, black hair….Good ‘ole African American genes! For weeks I waited for it to curl up – with no luck. I would give him a bath, it would curl up, and then it would dry flat and straight again.

It wasn’t until he was nearly 4 months old that Z’s hair decided to hold a curl – and the melanin started to kick in a bit. It grew fast and furious, and by the time he was 8 months old I had learned two things: 1) He didn’t care if I messed around in his head as long as he had something to play with, and 2) I could make little ponytails, and he would leave them alone all day. As time went on, I’ll admit that I may have been a bit disappointed that it didn’t “nap-up” just a little bit – he had a constant ‘lion’s mane’ from the flyaways – but I knew better than to say anything negative about it.

It was then that I decided that I was having way too much fun with it to ever want to cut it. I mean, it was HIS hair, right? And he never complained. It did, however, kind of suck having to repeatedly tell people that my child – dressed in a pair of blue shorts, matching shoes and a onesie that read ‘I’m Not A Girl’ – that he was, in fact, NOT a girl. Seriously, people, reading is fundamental! Over the first two years of his life, Z got just about every hairstyle I could think of that I didn’t feel that was TOO girly.
Z’s hair over the years – click to enlarge

Twists, braids, two-strand, ponytails, you name it, Z has probably had it. And then he turned 2, and the pressure was on to cut his hair. I gave in, and immediately regretted it. But the damage was done, I moved on, and he has gone on to have many a haircut, including the awesome-ness that was his mohawk (his idea).

Not sure if I’m more proud of him making Honor Roll, or this new declaration about his hair…7 months and one week after his last haircut, Z – at 5 years, 8 months old – has declared that it is time.

Comb Coils – Day 1

Let the journey begin!


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