Bigger Organization

In my head I am the most organized person in the world. In reality, I get everything organized just the way I want it, and then a week later my entire system is a mess. It really is a vicious cycle, I’m working on it.

After much back and forth, some prayers and some tears, we are finally ready to start this school year for real. Seriously, it’s the middle of September! But I have really been busy with traveling for work and some other events in our personal lives and had even, at one point, completely revamped our entire curriculum (that’s a whole ‘nother post). But now, we are sticking with HOD Bigger this year, and I am determined that it is going to be great!

Currently I keep all of our books on two shelves. There’s a ‘stock’ shelf and an ‘in use’ shelf. This is the stock shelf. It houses pretty much all of our curriculum including my own personal school books and fun reading. Anything we’re not currently using for the week, plus some of Kidd Z’s “for fun” books, go here.

This is our in use shelf. Here is where I keep our binders, as well as books and supplies for the week

This is where all the fun happens. Well, most of it. We’ve been known to spread out at the kitchen table, as well as the local park. We would love to sprawl out on the front lawn, but the city is doing construction on our major cross street, so it’s super loud outside right now. That white tray in the corner acts as Kidd Z’s “desk”. He pulls it in front of the loveseat to work on. These couches? The best. Each end is a recliner (so there’s 4). So we curl up together on one for story time and I try not to succumb to sleep while the Kidd is reading out loud.

This is my Teachers Guide. I put removable sticky tabs to label it for quick flipping. I also keep a blank one on top to note which page we’re on.

I didn’t do anything new here that most using Bigger aren’t already doing. I printed out the parent-created notebooking pages from the Facebook group and put them in a binder with dividers. This is Kidd Z’s binder. The tabs are history timeline, history notebooking, vocabulary, science notebooking, science labs, math (which holds the CLE light unit we’re using at the time), and music (which again holds a CLE light unit).

This is my teacher’s binder. It’s smaller than Kidd Z’s, only a one inch binder, while Kidd Z’s is a two inch binder. My tabs are ‘Legal’ (this holds all the papers I’d need should I need to present our records to whoever – current PSA, attendance sheet, vax waiver, etc), ‘Materials List’, ‘Lapbook’ (printouts of all current labooking components and instructions), and ‘Maps’.

These are the customs covers I made for our binders using Google Drive. It was really a lot of fun! After I finished I decided that it would be nice to share these. So the links are below. Feel free to edit the names as you see fit! The teacher’s cover can easily be modified to look like the student pages for a girl.

Student Notebook Cover

Teachers Notebook Cover


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