Preparing for the Album Drop {List It Tuesday}

So…I kind of casually mentioned in a previous post that we’re having a baby come June. I meant THIS June. Possibly sooner, as the Kidd was born at 38 weeks, which would put us at late May. In fact, my guess from the beginning has been that this kid is likely going to bust in on whatever Memorial Day plans we have for this year.

So, you’d think that with this kid (who has a name, but we have no idea if it’s a girl or a boy and aren’t finding out) entering our lives practically any day now, we’d be a little more “prepared”, right? What does that even mean? I mean, can you ever REALLY be fully prepared to raise another human? I’m still trying not to mess up the one I’ve already got. But I digress. Why did I start this post? Oh yeah. Because it’s Tuesday so I’m linking up with Angie of Many Little Blessings and Kris from Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers again. I bring to you this week:

minimalist baby items (g)

Note: I am in no way endorsing, affiliated with, paid by, or sponsored by any of the companies or products linked in this post.

~Clothes: That one was kind of a given, huh? We all need clothing. I’m keeping it simple. Even here in NorCal, it can get HOT in the summer. And unlike SoCal, most of the older homes and apartments here don’t have central A/C…Bummer. Baby will likely be living in leggings and a onesie all summer. From there I have a huge Rubbermaid bin full of boys and girls clothes from my BFF that will get us through the first 12-18 months.

~Diapers: Cloth to be precise. Why? Save the trees? What about the landfills? Oh no, chemicals? None of the above… I’m actually just cheap and the thought of buying all those diapers month after month, just to throw them away makes my wallet hurt. I have my little minimalist stash of prefolds and covers and I’d rather wash them every other day and be able to store them for the next kid than to buy disposable diapers for the next two years…or more.

~Stroller: I like to walk. Specifically through the neighborhood. Also, we’re a one-car family and since I work at home the FMF is often gone with the car. Public transit here is amazing and with an older homeschooler I want to be able to get around easily. Babywearing is great and I totally plan to do that, too, but let’s be honest, if we take BART to San Francisco and stay all day, I do NOT want wear a baby, carry a diaper bag, hold on to my older kid, and worry about any extra bags we may pick up during the trip. I chose the Contours Bliss because I really wanted two things: a reversible seat and a bassinet. The fact that I can have both without extra accessories is what my minimalist dreams are made of!

~Carseat: Because, you know, we’re not allowed to put babies on the floor boards anymore…buzzkills… I’m not into baby buckets (infant seats) so we’re going with a convertible that will last awhile. I like to keep baby rear facing for as long as possible (in case you don’t know, it’s 5x safer than forward facing and we should ALL ride that way, but it just isn’t practical), and since the FMF and I aren’t exactly giants, this seat should last until at least 4yo rear facing.

blanket~A bed: The only piece of furniture I still have left from Kidd Z is his wooden cradle. I love it and refused to give it away even as I got rid of all his other stuff. So here it sits awaiting the new baby (and new bedding). Once baby is too big for the cradle? The FMF and I are really digging this DaVinci mini crib. In true minimalist/money-conscious fashion, it converts to a twin bed! Again, dual purpose!

~A blanket: This is mandatory for my family. Every baby gets a custom blanket. This is what I’m working on for Baby Unknown. My grandmother will also probably make a ripple blanket, as she always does. She will wait until she knows the sex, though. Because if it’s a girl, you bet your butt there will be some hot pink in it…smh. I don’t blame her though, my grandmother is SUCH the lady, and the last female grandchild was…um…ME!

~A placeholder: Someplace to put baby when I need a break, a shower, or baby just wants to be at peace. Namely a swing. But not just any swing. I prefer items that are dual purpose whenever possible. So instead of getting a swing, a bouncer, a Bumbo, etc, I try to look for things that serve more than one function. Enter the Graco DuetSoothe. Not only is it a regular swing that moves front to back, but for a newborn it can turn to swing side to side AND the seat comes off so that I can use it as a bouncer/rocker. Score.

A pump: I’m a huge advocate of breastfeeding. Like seriously, I don’t think most people try hard enough or give it a chance and I will be honest and say that the wide availability and ease of formula is the problem. We (as a society) honestly think that artificial formula is an acceptable substitute for breastmilk–I don’t believe this at all and luckily I have the support of someone who believes the same. This is a debate for another post, though. I will be using a manual pump (this was preferred to my double electric, as well as more efficient) as I did with Kidd Z. I don’t anticipate needing a ton of expressed milk as I have no problem nursing wherever I happen to be, but I’d like to have a bottle available every now and then just in case and just because. The Kidd never took to bottles after they were introduced at 4 months and at one point even flipped his whole schedule so that he slept all day without eating while I went to work, and then was up all night nursing and wanting to play. I can’t do that again, it was horrible not getting any sleep. Of course, this is what started me taking him to work with me, so in the end it all worked out.

~Baby washcloths: There’s something about those tiny, thin pieces of terry fabric. They are better than baby wipes at wiping faces and hands. They’re softer on delicate baby body parts than regular adult towels. They make great wipes for cloth diapering. They’re just perfect. I have plans for about three dozen.

That’s it. That’s my short list of baby must-haves. I truly believe everything else is extra. It’s clutter you could seriously do without if you had to. Diaper bag? I carry a nice sized purse. Gonna be gone longer than a couple hours? I have a nice selection of backpacks or reusable grocery bags to choose from. Toys? What infant or toddler have you meet that prefers that bright plastic light up thing to your old, unused cell phone or the Tupperware in the kitchen cabinets? Bathtub? Isn’t that what the kitchen sink is for? Sure, I have other things that we’ll end up getting. But if I had a finite budget on what I could spend, these are the things I’d be buying first.

What are YOUR baby must-haves?



3 thoughts on “Preparing for the Album Drop {List It Tuesday}

  1. Welcome to Mommyhood says:

    I have to agree with most of your list- love cloth diapers, made a blanket for my son, etc! Great list.
    The one thing I only used a handful of times (and very begrudgingly at that) was the pump. I much prefered to just nurse and was very lucky to be a SAHM and not need to do it. That’s obviously personal preference though 😉
    On top of what you listed, I also loooved using a moby wrap (any safe baby carrier would work), too. It helped so much to free up my hands when the kiddo wanted to cuddle and I needed to do something around the house.
    We also had a pram (standard here in the Netherlands) for the first several months. I much preferred that to a stroller because my son could lay flat. Our stroller also doesn’t recline very far and I felt very uncomfortable putting a newborn in a sitting position.

  2. Dina says:

    That’s a pretty comprehensive list! I don’t go anywhere without my “potette”. It’s a portable, disposable toilet system. It will save you the time of looking for a bathroom with the other children especially when you are in the car driving and the nearest exit is miles away. Congrats on the new baby. June is the best month!

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